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Mission Statement

Under President Donald Trump, our nation's veterans had a leader fighting to ensure that their sacrifices for our country were honored and not forgotten. While the globalist Washington politicians were willing to sacrifice precious American lives for their misguided military adventures overseas, those who proudly wore our nation’s uniform were dying waiting for medical care at home. President Donald J. Trump passed the largest reform of the Department of Veterans Affairs in a generation, including VA Accountability and VA Choice, and fired 11,500 federal workers who failed to give our wounded warriors the quality and timely care they so richly deserve. He secured record funding for mental health services, slashed wait times by 33 percent, and ensured that our nation’s greatest heroes could continue to see the doctor of their choice. President Trump decreased veteran homelessness, increased educational benefits, and achieved record-low veteran unemployment. 

Donald J. Trump has consistently proven he cares deeply about the unbelievable sacrifices made by our nation’s military veterans and their wonderful families. The Veterans for Trump Coalition is an incredible opportunity for our great heroes to help Donald J. Trump finish the job he began during his first term as our nation’s Commander-in-Chief, securing the blessings of freedom for those who selflessly risked their lives to defend it.


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